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Who we are


We track crypto assets through mixers

We are a team of four professionals with over three years of experience in tracking funds in the blockchain.

We perfected our skills in developing an automated AI tool for AML risk scoring solutions.

Now we develop our own tools to automate and simplify the tracking process and the investigations.

Image by Tengyart

Blockchain security

Blockchain Security, or blocksec, is a new security field with the mission of securing and defending the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Just as in the past years, cryptocurrency business hacks continue to dominate the total monetary loss especially as the market continues to grow. 

Crypto crime hit $4.5 billion globally in 2019.

So far in 2020, losses from thefts and hacks, excluding misappropriation and fraud, grew to $468 million as of end-October 2020, up 30% from $361 million for the whole of 2019. About 20% of those hacks, or roughly $98 million, came from “decentralized finance”, which are transactions on platforms that facilitate lending outside of banks.

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